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Desi Recipes

Are you looking for Desi recipes, Indian recipes or Pakistani recipes look no further, here you will find a complete range of desi food, restaurant-style, Dhaba style, Indian food, or Pakistani food? Chicken curry, chicken karahi, Kadai chicken, mutton korma,daal makhani, lentils, biryani rice, biryani recipes, chicken pulao, vegetable curry recipes, you name it we got it.  All recipes are easy to follow with step by step instructions and limited spices and ingredients. So go explore and find more desi recipes here


Cake & Baking

Interested in Baking? Watch my cakes and  Baking Videos. I make cheesecakes, chocolate cakes, pound cake, cupcakes, bread, banana bread cake strawberry cake Red velvet cake, baking is my passion. I like decorating cakes and make yummy icings and cake designs.All recipes are easy to follow with step by step instructions. My recipes are easy to follow and can be made with a limited number of ingredients. Click here to watch more cake & baking videos,


Healthy Recipes

Are you looking for Healthy Salad recipes to maintain a good healthy lifestyle or to lose some extra pounds? We have a range of healthy and delicious salad recipes that are quick to make & super tasty. These salad recipes are full of nutrients and vitamins, good for health and your heart. These recipes are perfect for people who like to maintain a healthy lifestyle and cautious about their food choices. Some of the key ingredients are cucumbers, tomatoes, onion, avocado, corn, olive oil, beans, peppers, carrots, and potatoes.